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A close as you can get to being a mind reader.

Our Crystal Ball

Sometimes you need to know what people are thinking. From customers to business partners, your stakeholders play a crucial role in your success. The ability to capture their thoughts, opinions, and ideas can give you tremendous insight into what it takes to turn your casual customers into loyal patrons and your loyal patrons into raving fans.

Sentry Survey is our customizable, web-based tool for gathering survey data. Our flexible platform can be deployed to manage both inbound and outbound surveys to collect a variety of data. From customer surveys, employees surveys, market research, to managing your new employee application process, Sentry Survey can help increase the speed at which key data moves through your organization.



Full Featured

  • Multiple survey platforms allow us to select the right tool for the job
  • Email alerts ensure that important information reaches the appropriate team members without delay
  • Automated reporting and dashboards provide easy access to key metrics
  • Can be integrated in with a current website to provide a seamless online data collection tool
  • Uses include customer surveys, employee surveys, vendor surveys, panel management, new employee applications and more

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“Sentry Marketing has had a tremendous impact on our restaurant business through their ability to provide us timely and accurate customer feedback that allows our operators to make the necessary improvements continuously effectively allowing us to stay out in front of our competitors.   Whether we are utilizing a secret shopper or guest survey Sentry Marketing continues to deliver our restaurants great value through the integration of industry experience, client customization, and a what ever it takes attitude.”


Bob Andersen

Cowboy Chicken Franchisee

We have used The Sentry Marketing Group for nearly two years now and they have been an invaluable resource for us as we look to expand the brand. Sentry gives us the ability to ensure the highest level of customer service and franchise compliance nationwide. Their ability to customize reports in a timely manner allows us to use the data collected in the most effective and efficient manner to assess and then improve our customers’ experience. We are very fortunate to be partnered with The Sentry Marketing Group as we see them not only our mystery shopping vendor but truly as an extension of our organization.

Spencer Curtiss

Operations Manager

Saxbys Coffee Worldwide

We use Sentry Marketing’s mystery shopping and competitive intelligence programs to assess the quality of our service as well as measure how we fare against our competitors.   The reports they provide are detailed and well written.     Requests are promptly addressed and overall the team is a pleasure to deal with.       Sentry delivers top quality data that is used in multiple areas of our organization to measure and improve performance.

Edgar Suarez



Sentry Marketing Group’s mystery shopping program is an invaluable resource for me and my team. Their services show us a clear picture of a guest’s experience and allow us to adjust our service model to provide the best customer experience possible. The shops are easy to read and the level of detail is is outstanding.

The Sentry team is very responsive to our requests and they are very easy to work with. Partnering with them has been a big win for Smashburger.

Greg Creighton


Making sure our guests receive the same great experience in all of our stores is of utmost importance to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.   It is easy to find a mystery shop program, but it is much more challenging to find one that meets the needs of your company and provides total insight into what your guests see when they come into the store.

Sentry Marketing Group has provided the perfect tool to evaluate whether we deliver on our promise to the guest.   The mystery shop provides a wealth of information for our franchisees and for our franchise field support team.   At a quick glance, the dashboard reveals successes and failure within a specific store.   The report allows you to dig deeper into those areas of interest or issues that may need attention.   The voice of the guest is very strong throughout the mystery shop report and gives significant detail when evaluating the shop.   We have found the mystery shop to be a great tool to recognize consistent positive behavior and also pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Paul Rickels

Vice President of Franchise

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I have used many secret shopper business’s over the last 15 years and I have had the best success for useful information returned from David and Sentry Marketing.   The ability to pinpoint specific areas and to change on the   fly is unmatched by other companies.   Sentry Marketing has allowed me to trust the reports coming back to me and to help get better as a company.


Rob Lanphier

Pour Kids Restaurant Group

Sentry Marketing Group with their Mystery Shopper program have added a tremendous tool to improve customer service and employee accountability. We are constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our business and Sentry is a proven partner of our outsource team to accomplish this goal.




Tye C. Williams

Smashburger Franchisee