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The company is your vision.

We provide the guiding light.

Your Effort

You've spent blood, sweat, and tears developing your brand and driving customers to your business

Your Vision

Create passionate brand advocates by ensuring consistent, outstanding customer experience

Our Measurement

Our data collection programs are built to deliver real insight into your organization’s performance.

Maximum Results

With steady, on point performance data, achieve long-term customer loyalty and maximum profits.

Our Services
mystery shopping in restaurant

Mystery Shopping

Want real insight into the customer experience? Mystery shopping’s anonymous data collection is the ideal platform to assess how well your team is delivering on your brand vision and brand promise.

audit performed in store


Need to make sure that items are priced correctly, merchandised as designed or that processes are being consistently followed? We have a national network of field evaluators to evaluate and assess your stores.

filling out Sentry Survey

Sentry Survey

Knowing the views of your stakeholders is important for having a comprehensive data collection place. Sentry Survey is perfect for collecting information from your customers, employees and business partners.

looking at charts and graphs

Competitive Analysis

Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to spending their money. Measuring yourself against the competition provides you with invaluable information to help you understand the quality of experience being delivered by your rivals.

flow chart example

Sentry OSR

If you conduct Operations & Service Reviews using a paper form, Word, or Excel, you can increase the velocity at which data moves through your organization by migrating your current process to our paperless, web based format. Paperless forms is a low cost and highly effective manner of collecting, sharing, and storing information.

globe and computer n desk

Distance Learning

Take your training online, across the country and beyond with custom training modules we develop and host just for you. We’re talking about consistent customer and revenue-focused programs that align your organization across geographies for cohesive brand experiences.